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July 19 2013

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The most beautiful house I have seen in my travels around Europe was in Austria and Italy. Now in Slovakia are also emerging very nice prefab houses. Where as in the near future, I also want to buy a house in Slovakia, I did some research, if it is easier preferably give a house to build or buy a ready-made house. I would like to have a low-energy house. It has more advantages for me and it is also environmentally friendly. On one work meeting I met a man who told me he works for the company IQ Ekodom and also that they have been building eco-houses for several years now. The houses are a bit more expensive at the beginning, but it's worth it, since ultimately it saves money on energy and heating. Homes that are built are really beautiful and practical. From their catalog and the current offer I like best house Robinia. Very simple, yet sassy, spacious, practical and cozy. When I choose a house I have to have the initial impression of the house. When I saw the house Robinia I could exactly imagine how I live there, as I sit on the patio or in the house how I cook, or as my friends are visiting and we have garden barbecue. And this was crucial for me. So with IQ Ekodom I have already signed contract and Robinia house is going to be build in a few months on my piece of land. I'm very happy.

May 20 2013

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Roof is very important thing in our lives. It makes our homes. There are many types of roofs, some of them are flat, some are colorful and some looks like from a fairytale. We all have different ideas of how our home should look like. Some of us desire a cozy little house in countryside; some prefer a flat in the city with all the new and innovative home appliances and other home equipment to ease their everyday busy lives. I always thought I would love to have a nice new house somewhere outside the city, but close enough, so that I could be in center of the city in half an hour. I wanted a house with flat roof, so that I could use it as my terrace, or a little garden, I would plant there herbs and some pretty flowers and I would put there some wooden table and chairs and a big sunshade and a grill. My idea was to make barbecue parties up on the top of my house all summer for me and my friends. But, my vision has changed. As I get a older I began to desire a cozy little house with garden, in a countryside, where my children could play with our dog and breathe fresh air, where the ice-cream man would drive by every summer and so on. I think that many people over the years have changed their minds about their living. Very popular was in nineties to move to the city and live in an apartment in a block of flats. Many people were moving from the villages to the cities. Now it is other way round. People are moving back to the villages as they prefer to have their own piece of land and have their own garden with vegetables and trees with fruit. Lots of them go to the nature for the weekends for some piece and quiet. I personally think this is a good sign. It just means that people starting to value and appreciate basic and simple things in life.

January 29 2013

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By purchasing the functional clivet or sabiana appliances you definitely may make sure that you will benefit from the flawless temperature within your quarters a whole lot longer. Take your tepelne cerpadlo into account also given that it could do with repairs. Taking care of your tepelne cerpadla or even conditions is in reality vital no matter whether they are sabiana or clivet.

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The correct hydroizolacia strechy could help out get out of any punctures to mend at the time the successive year arrives. You will be capable to pick out a hydroizolacie striech particularly specific for your roof to make certain that you have no worries regarding it getting through the frosty weather. This is in fact the perfect time to carry out this for the reason that it certainly is not exceedingly hot with the purpose to remain out on the roof whilst mending the insulation, yet still not excessively winter. 
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Properly working air conditioning is actually important and so that is why you really need to make sure that individual assessments are in fact performed. The tepelne cerpadlo may possibly need to be analyzed as well. Having a certified specialist test tepelne cerpadla is without doubt fundamental. You are going to be capable to ensure that you have the pleasure of the fitting temperature throughout your house simply by picking a clivet or perhaps sabiana.
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The plocha strecha needs distinguishing details just like ventilation. However do not be concerned, the low energy isn't going to hamper it in any way. The foliage may possibly be shaped so you in actual fact shall perform just about everything. Decent quotations is capable to be attained in order to achieve the ploche strechy mentioned before. The hydroizolacie striech will have lots of ease and can help save your money as well. 
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A licensed professional is without doubt vital if you fancy your vzduchotechnika to keep you certainly warm for the duration of the winter season. In the process this decision can save you money. You are going to stop repairs at the time the freezing weather falls via getting a expert. You actually can’t discover a more pleasant manner to make certain that than by purely contacting an expert with the aim to check-up the complete condition.
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Certainly one of the countless benefits which modern machinery officially has granted is in point of fact the conception of nizkoenergeticke domy.  What’s even nicer is beyond doubt that these buildings are definitely a remarkable method to purchase a nizkoenergeticky dom at a rate rational for just about everyone. By doing this, through paying for a new-found dwelling you as a result preserve a whole lot of money as well as time. These residences in point of fact pay themselves off in the end as they use extensively less electricity than a normal houses.
The inspiration of these assembled buildings is certainly that they are made off-site after which transported in portable sections. They are equipped to be resided, in minimal time after they turn up on the location. The rate of such a domicile is probably less than ordinary houses. 
These households are certainly tough to distinguish from an ordinary dwelling and are considered as an everlasting residence on real-estate since once they are actually constructed they are not able to be relocated. 
The greatest part is without doubt that the supplies from which they are protect the dwelling from mutually high temperatures and chill lots more than a conventional residence. They are certainly fitted with every single one of the essential energy conserving machinery in order to provide help to bring down your bills by means of saving electricity.
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Consider adding a personal garden to your strecha, regardless of whether it is a establishment or a private site. You can certainly manage to set aside plenty of funds besides bringing a comfy area with the intention to have fun within the demanding metropolitan. For the period of most of the seasons you may possibly put away a whole lot of cash. You won’t need to waste a lot of time heating up or even cooling your home, which accordingly signifies you actually won’t spend as much capital. At the time you will add dirt upon the original insulation you most certainly could plant plants straightforwardly onto the strechy or perhaps merely sow them inside gardening pots and additionally display them onto the rooftop. As affirmed earlier the low energy option is beyond doubt advantageous on a regular flat rooftop seeing that it is scenic and given that the plants entail the moisture it is not going to amass.
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Give your klimatizacia a vacation because the todays climate is suitable to it. You can possibly phone up for your once a year check since employing klimatizacie these days is in point of fact not needed. The air conditioning shall be checked over and specific safety inspections might be made with the purpose to make sure that it is certainly working correctly. The tepelne cerpadlo may need to be analyzed as well. Having an expert test tepelne cerpadla is beyond doubt crucial in the view of the fact that care is required. By buying the practical clivet or even sabiana apparatus you be capable to ensure that you have the pleasure of the fancied temperature in your residence longer.
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The most revolutionary choice to the standard home are montovane domy which are in fact the greatest means to go if you are trying to buy a home. In the process your nizkoenergeticky dom is capable to be worthwhile, which consequently is without doubt the greatest advantage of all.
As they are fabricated away from the grounds, the mobile sections, lines of units and components are carried to the setting. Once on location, they are structured in minimum time and also are all set to be in use. The building of this kind of a home demands a lot less time and in addition consequently costs just about similarly, perhaps less.
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